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Forton MG

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Sculptor Kit

This kit contains enough material to complete eight- 16 pound mix designs. One mix design covers approximately 4 square feet at a thickness of ½”.
Kit includes:
8 - 1 lb Packages of Dry Resin
8 - 22 g Packages of Hardener
1 - 40 lb Pail VF-812
(FGR-95 and E-glass fiber sold separately)
{FGR-95 is on Mold Making Supplies page}

Price: $177.78

Quantity Desired:

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Starter Kit

This kit contains one- 16 pound mix design, plus 2 pounds extra VF-812 for use with metal powder dry blends.
Kit includes:
7 lbs VF-812 liquid polymer
1 lb Dry Resin
22 g Hardener
10 lbs FGR-95 gypsum
1 lb Chopped Fiber

Price: $68.70

Quantity Desired:

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Forton VF-812 5 Gallon Pail

Price: $120.00 ($3.00 /pound)

Quantity Desired:


Forton MG MF-415 Meleamine Dry Resin for larger batches of the Forton MG casting system. 25 lbs. - 3.5 Gallon Pail

Price: $119.00 ($4.76 /pound)

Quantity Desired:

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The Accelerator can be used in Forton MG and with all gypsum products to speed up setting time. Time varies with the amount of Accelerator added.

Price: $3.50 ($3.50 /pound)

Quantity Desired:


Hydrocal® FGR-95 Gypsum Cement is specially formulated to set fast, develop high strength, and permit fabrication of strong, resilient glass-reinforced products. The superior fire retardant properties allow for safe, code-compliant installation in all types of public and private structures. Can be used in combination with FORTON® VF 812 or duoMatrix® G polymer additive systems for alpha gypsums that greatly enhances physical and performance properties.

Price: $34.00 ($0.68 /pound)

Quantity Desired:

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Oxide Pigments

Dry powder tints for use in cement, plaster and other casting materials. Pigments marked with an * are 1/4 lb. jars. All others are 1/2 lb. jars.

Available Options:

Black Oxide Powder $5.50
Burnt Sienna Oxide Powder $5.50
Burnt Umber $5.50
Graphite $5.50
Orange Iron Oxide $5.50
Raw Sienna Oxide Powder $5.50
Raw Umber Oxide $5.50
Red Oxide Powder $5.50
Titanium White $5.50
Yellow Oxide Powder $5.50
Phthalocyanine Blue* $6.00
Cadmium Deep Orange* $9.00
Ultra-Marine Blue $10.00
Ultramarine Violet Oxide Powder $11.00
Chromium Oxide Powder (Green) $11.50
Kelly Green* $14.00

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